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Operated by the Republican Party of Ontario (RPO). RPO is a grassroots based organization that is committed to the ownership and operation of all STATE / CROWN sole and aggregate corporations directly by the sovereign common men and women of our local communities.

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This great commentary by Don Feder, is definitely a "keeper"...for future reference when you confront a LIEberal with his/her loony ideas.
----- Original Message ----- From: Robert A. Jason To: RJ Sent: Thursday, October 11, 2007 10:28 AM Subject: MUST-READ: 10 Impossible Things Liberals Believe before Breakfast (By DON FEDER) [full story]
Oct 14, 2007
under English Common Law which has, as it’s foundation, the Charters of Liberty such as Magna Carta 1215, Petition of Right 1627, Habeas Corpus 1640 and the Bill of Rights 1688, and that “the glory of English law” (as Sir William Blackstone wrote) has alw
LEVELS OF JURISDICTION OR THE RULES OF THE GAME     It is the game of “World Control”. It is a serious game and the stakes are the highest imaginable, because we stand to lose our [full story]
Oct 14, 2007
It seems the US Income tax Act was not "ratified"...which makes it unenforceable, under their system.
Dear Dai-Andrew,   All grist for a Jury.   Yours sincerely, John Wilson.   ----- Original Message ----- From: Dave Buckley To: 'John Wilson' Sent: Friday, [full story]
Oct 13, 2007
In the NSW Court of Appeal, the Judges are delaying a Judgment on the Application for Leave to Appeal against a Judgment by a Supreme Court Judge to dismiss an Indictment against another Supreme Court Judge.
Dear Karl,   In the NSW Court of Appeal, the Judges are delaying a Judgment on the Application for Leave to Appeal against a Judgment by a Supreme Court Judge to dismiss an Indictment  [full story]
Oct 13, 2007
Weren't these the same people who badgered us for months about how the democratic will is a sacred value?
----- Original Message ----- From: Robert A. Jason To: RJ Sent: Friday, October 12, 2007 1:34 PM Subject: POLL + The Aftermath of Ontario Election 2007 (Friday, October 12)   [full story]
Oct 13, 2007
Here in Australia, the Crown Solicitor has taken to censoring my website ( with threats to my ISP.
Dear Ron,   Here in Australia,  the Crown Solicitor has taken to censoring my website ( with threats to my ISP.    I had received one letter [full story]
Oct 13, 2007
They are calling on Stephen Harper to make good on his earlier promise
Gag me!   Put the SPP to a vote, say prominent Canadians OTTAWA, Oct. 12 /CNW Telbec/ - Maude Barlow, David [full story]
Oct 13, 2007
A few public catch phrases; some prayer breakfasts; a few references to Jesus; some personal meetings; and a few phone calls or personal meetings with big-name evangelicals was all it took to beguile the vast majority of professing believers.
Can a Christian Pray to Allah? By Pastor Chuck Baldwin   10-9-7   George W. Bush was twice elected President of the United States with great assistance [full story]
Oct 9, 2007
720 Promises By the Four Main Ontario Parties But No Guarantee Offered By Any Party Leader and No Pledges to Pass "Honesty-in-Politics" Law
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday, October 9, 2007 [full story]
Oct 9, 2007
A factual summarised accounting on how Ontario's MMP referendum proposal is worse than the dysfunctional* fptp status quo
 ----- Forwarded message from Eduard Hiebert np <> ---- Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2007 13:11:01 -0500 From: Eduard Hiebert np <> Reply-To: [full story]
Oct 9, 2007

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This has the potential of destroying the monopoly held by the private corporation called "The Law Society".
Trueman Vs Judges & Lawyers > Solutions - Canadian Law Societies

From: "Denis" < >
To: "" <>
Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2007 18:56:45 -0700

Hi everyone, from David Butterfield

September 20th & 21st - 9:30 a.m.


A Huge case in the
Supreme Court of B.C.
651 Carnarvon Street
New Westminster

This case is about a man attempting to realize his Human Rights, as enshrined in International Laws and, in particular, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, ratified by "Canada" in August 1976. The Attorney General of Canada/Prosecutor and the Judges and Justices of the Courts are totally ignorant of the obligations accepted by "Canada" through its ratification of these international instruments. In other words, and especially in light of the Supreme Court of B.C. Rule # 19.10, the Attorney General and these courts are violating Human Rights everyday of the week.

They have continued to deny him his Rights through more than a year in each the Provincial and now Supreme Courts. They have actually forced this man to make an informal Application to the Court to be allowed to exercise his Human Rights, can you believe it. Of course you can.

One of the Rights this individual is attempting to exercise is to have "legal assistance of his own choosing". Now before you think this doesn't apply to you, I will tell you that you are wrong. Human Rights are absolutely Supreme and cannot be overridden or subverted by any so-called "law" made by man. Further, before you start assuming that "legal assistant" has something to do with a "Lawyer/Agent/Lay Litigate/Lay Counsel" or any other such "legal fiction", know this, these international instruments are all written with words carrying their plain language meanings. In other words, the words of these instruments cannot be interpreted pursuant to any legal definition or definition provided in any Domestic statute. Only the definitions provided in English language dictionaries apply. A "legal assistant" is therefore, someone with knowledge of law who is willing to be an aid or helper in the presenting of the facts of the case. This has the potential of destroying the monopoly held by the private corporation called "The Law Society".

Further still, this matter has been dragged on (by errors made by the Attorney General), for more than 2 1/2 years since the charges were laid.

Their own corporate "Supreme Court of Canada" has determined that six months is a "reasonable period of time" to get the matter to trial.

An incredible amount of Truth is being brought out through this proceeding and the Affidavits that have been filed to date. Wait until his Jury hears it all, if it does get that far. The "CROWN" is apparently afraid that it is I, David Butterfield, who would be the "legal assistant of his own choosing". Even if you don't believe you will ever have to rely on this particular Human Right, you must read the attached files to the purpose of expanding your own level of knowledge relative to the question present in everyone's mind: "what's wrong with this picture". Of course the best thing would be to attend and allow yourself to witness that picture becoming perfectly clear, right before your eyes.

Without your Human Rights, you have none, so please, come and show support for Human Rights and this man who has put himself on the line in attempt to finally cause the corporate governments de facto to act in compliance with these international instruments of Human Rights Law and allow us all to realize them. There is only one set of Human Rights and they belong to us all, without any form of discrimination or distinction. Everyone has the Right and Responsibility to Educate and Defend our Human Rights.

Remember, the only Rights you've got are those you know and exercise.

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