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Operated by the Republican Party of Ontario (RPO). RPO is a grassroots based organization that is committed to the ownership and operation of all STATE / CROWN sole and aggregate corporations directly by the sovereign common men and women of our local communities.

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A few public catch phrases; some prayer breakfasts; a few references to Jesus; some personal meetings; and a few phone calls or personal meetings with big-name evangelicals was all it took to beguile the vast majority of professing believers.
Can a Christian Pray to Allah? By Pastor Chuck Baldwin   10-9-7   George W. Bush was twice elected President of the United States with great assistance [full story]
Oct 9, 2007
720 Promises By the Four Main Ontario Parties But No Guarantee Offered By Any Party Leader and No Pledges to Pass "Honesty-in-Politics" Law
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday, October 9, 2007 [full story]
Oct 9, 2007
A factual summarised accounting on how Ontario's MMP referendum proposal is worse than the dysfunctional* fptp status quo
 ----- Forwarded message from Eduard Hiebert np <> ---- Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2007 13:11:01 -0500 From: Eduard Hiebert np <> Reply-To: [full story]
Oct 9, 2007
If the Truth is known, the only Government we have in Australia is the People....and we govern by way of the unanimous Judgments of Juries
Dear David B,   The Australian Constitution only has the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland as doing any governing, ie: the Queen appointing a Governor-General who [full story]
Oct 9, 2007
Federally the Prime Minister appoints over 5,000 people, including the Governor General, Cabinet Ministers, Senators, Heads of Agencies Boards and Commissions, and Supreme Court judges.
 ONTARIO ELECTION 2007      Straight thoughts 159 By Giuseppe Gori Leader Family Coalition Party of Ontario     ----- Original Message ----- From: [full story]
Oct 9, 2007
"The Greatest Fraud of all time is that Banks create money for themselves 'out of thin air' and inject it into the economy as loans
Dear Jim,   A couple of years ago I had business cards printed up with "BANKS AND JUDGES; Email: ; " on one side and "The Greatest Fraud of all [full story]
Oct 8, 2007
8 more deaths connected to HPV vaccine Adverse reactions from Gardasil number in thousands
"Judicial Watch.... filed a lawsuit this week against the FDA for failing to fully respond to its requests for information involving the vaccine."8 more deaths connected to HPV vaccine Adverse [full story]
Oct 8, 2007
The video says that the Churches will use Romans 13 to help the Despots subjugate the People. ...but what does Romans 13 really say?
Dear Australian Citizens Community Forums,   The video says that the Churches will use Romans 13 to help the Despots subjugate the People. ...but what does Romans 13 really say?   Here [full story]
Oct 8, 2007
Their maxim is “boni judicis est ampliare jurisdictionem,” and their power the more dangerous as they are in office for life, and not responsible, as the other functionaries are, to the elective control.
----- Original Message ----- From: BSM Condell To: 'John Wilson' ; 'Joseph McNicholl' Cc: ; Sent: Monday, October 08, 2007 8:11 [full story]
Oct 8, 2007
Right now the European Union which started as a fraud pretending it was a trade agreement is embarking on the full integration of all European states to be enslaved under a single government controlled from Brussels.
                               &nbs [full story]
Oct 8, 2007

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Health Canada, FDA & others' Abuses
Oct 7, 2007These consumers are concerned about bills currently being considered by the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, which would classify DHEA as an anabolic steroid
AHHA Special Updates e-Report October 2007 Dear Peter Helgason Special Update from the American Holistic Health Association with items of interest to those actively enhancing their health and well-being. Another free service from AHHA.This message is being sent in left justified format with some colored headers. If you have any problems with this format, please notify the AHHA office by e-mailing We can switch you from the html version to a text only version. FEATURED RESEARCHAn increasing number of people are searching for ways to wean themselves off prescribed medications. There is good news for those who have Crohn's disease. A recently released German study successfully used the Chinese herb wormwood (also called Artemisia or "Sweet Annie") to reduce the dose of the steroid prednisone. There was an almost complete remission in those of the group of Crohn's patients receiving the wormwood compared to none in the placebo group. Review "Ancient Folk Remedy Reduces Steroid Dosage" at and determine if this is something you should discuss with your physician. We thank The Health Resource for bringing this to our attention. FEATURED ISSUEDHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) is a naturally occurring hormone that is reported to have a wide range of benefits. It is most frequently used by elderly consumers and others with deficient hormone levels. These consumers are concerned about bills currently being considered by the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, which would classify DHEA as an anabolic steroid, add it to the list of controlled substances, and remove it from the store shelves.DHEA dietary supplements have been on the market for over 20 years. Some feel that the legislators who introduced these bills are acting on false information and concern about the public outrage over the abuse of steroids.What is DHEA?"DHEA Report: Facilitates Anti-Aging, Enhances Libido, Rejuvenates the Immune System, Prevents Heart Disease, Reduces Body Fat, Tames Stress, Restores Memory, Fights Cancer" Vitality Research InstituteNatural Products Association comments about the bills may be reviewed online. It is interesting that we were not able to locate any websites supporting Senate bill 762 or House of Representatives bill 1249. FEATURED AHHA RESOURCE Most of you reading this Special Updates issue are signed up for our free monthly Special Updates e-Report and enjoy the convenience of having the issues and research data e-mailed directly to you. You can also sign up to receive a weekly e-Alert with the Featured Article of the Week. Each week, we select an article from our Self-Help articles collection, post it on the website home page, and also e-mail it to those who are signed up for this additional free service. You can sign up for our free e-mail reports at or in the left menu column on most site pages. Enter your e-mail address, click GO, and check the boxes for BOTH e-reports. SHARE YOUR STORYYou can share your story of how AHHA helped you connect with the wellness resource you needed. Send your brief summary, along with permission to share on our website, of how this worked for you to SUPPORT AHHA You can help AHHA continue to help others. Details for how to make your contribution are at CONTACT INFORMATION AHHA Special Update Editor: Suzan WalterAMERICAN HOLISTIC HEALTH ASSOCIATIONPO Box 17400, Anaheim, CA 92817-7400 USAPhone:  (714) 779-6152E-mail:  mail@ahha.orgWeb site:  ahha.orgAHHA Special Updates are archived at [full story]
Oct 3, 2007Is our adverse drug reaction (ADR) surveillance system working? The inquest into the teen's death responded with a resounding, 'No.'
AUGUST 30, 2004 VOLUME 1 NO. 15   Is Health Canada doing enough to prevent adverse drug reactions? ADR faxes and 'Dear doctor' letters fail to stem the rising tideof deadly new side effects By Marlene Busko Just when you thought it was safe to reach for the prescription pad, doubts about Canada's system for tracking drugs post-approval have come calling once again. The spironolactone controversy was sparked by an article in the August 5 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine which highlighted the high number of hyperkalemia deaths in Ontario, linked to spironolactone, when used in conjunction with ACE inhibitors. This controversy recalls an earlier prescribing catastrophe from 2000. In March of that year, 15-year-old Vanessa Young, of Oakville, ON, collapsed and died from a heart attack. The coroner's report concluded that she died from bulimia nervosa in conjunction with cisapride toxicity. [full story]
Oct 3, 2007Health Canada muzzles oilsands whistleblower. AB physician sounded cancer alarm, slapped with College complaint
Health Canada muzzles oilsands whistleblower AB physician sounded cancer alarm, slapped with College complaint By Peter Woodford Elevated cancer rates in Fort Chipewyan support Dr O'Connor's claimFrom Fort Chipewyan Health Data Analysis by Alberta Health & Wellness and Alberta Cancer Board, April 2006 A northern Alberta physician who publicly aired concerns over carcinogenic pollution from the massive oilsands development is being investigated by the province's College of Physicians and Surgeons. The complaint against him comes from none other than Health Canada, which claims the physician caused "undue alarm." The doc — widely held to be Dr John O'Connor of Fort Chipewyan — says he's got a hunch the copious amounts of arsenic dumped into the water by the project might explain why so many of his mostly aboriginal patients are presenting with cancer — including rarer forms like cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer). [full story]
Oct 3, 2007FDA Officials Sued Over Conflicts of Interests Part I
FDA Officials Sued Over Conflicts of Interests Part I September 30, 2007. By Evelyn Pringle digg     Seed Newsvine Washington, DC: A lawsuit recently filed in a federal court in Ohio against FDA officials on behalf of terminal cancer patients provides a rare window into the inner workings of an agency hijacked by pharmaceutical industry giants and stacked with insiders by President George Bush to guard against any threat to the profits of his top campaign contributors.The lawsuit's complaint describes a conspiracy orchestrated by top FDA officials to basically drive a small company, Dendreon, out of business with the obvious goal of eliminating competition in what has become a thriving new industry involving the treatment of men with prostate cancer.The complaint gives the details of a step-by-step plot to sabotage the FDA approval process of Provenge, the first-of-a-kind vaccine that can prolong the lives of men with late-stage cancer. Prostate cancer patients have been waiting for the approval of Provenge for years. The New York Times first reported on a study back on October 29, 2004, the day after Dendreon announced the results that showed that "an experimental vaccine extended the lives of men with advanced prostate cancer."The findings also were discussed by Dr Eric Small of the University of California at San Francisco in February 2005, at a meeting in Florida that was co-sponsored by the American Society of Clinical Oncology. Here, he presented the study in which Provenge was given to a group of 82 men whose cancer had progressed after surgery and radiation treatment, and a similar group of 45 men who had received a placebo. [full story]
Oct 1, 2007We truly live in an era of unprecedented "official" fraud, criminality and insanity.
The OUTLAWING of Nature and Health! This is an outrage – and shows clearly the stranglehold control that Big-Pharma has over the health/lives of citizens- via the dictatorial, legalistic Criminalization and Elimination of Nature and the wisdom of millennia – in a “supposedly” free country – that now insists on “exporting/ inflicting” this Dictatorial-Corporate/Big-Brother-Government Control on the rest of the planet via the regulations of CODEX - all in the NAME of “Protecting us!”. We truly live in an era of unprecedented "official" fraud, criminality and insanity. A vehement and immediate response to this injustice and outrage is absolutely essential. Inge Hanle Please e-mail and/or phone the state Commissioner of the Department of Health, Susan Cooper at 615-741-3111 or the Board of Medical Examiners at 615-532-3202. Please pass this info on.……………………………………………………………………… The Board of Medical Examiners with a corrupt judge as usual are squandering their resources, or should I say doing their real job, by unlawfully and abusively interfering with our rights to choose nutrition as a therapy. Could the phenomenal success, safety and use of nutrients be a factor? Who exactly are they protecting? It sure is not the consumer! [full story]
Sep 30, 2007a court has penetrated a seemingly impregnable immunity enjoyed by Health Canada regulators when it comes to faulty medical devices
Go to Jaw-implant class action given the go-ahead KIRK MAKIN From Tuesday's Globe and Mail September 11, 2007 at 5:05 AM EDT An Ontario Superior Court judge has given an unprecedented green light to a class-action lawsuit against the federal government over jaw implants that disintegrated, leaving an estimated 2,600 people suffering a lifetime of intense, chronic pain. The case, which could result in settlements worth hundreds of millions of dollars, is the first in which a court has penetrated a seemingly impregnable immunity enjoyed by Health Canada regulators when it comes to faulty medical devices. Yesterday's ruling granted legal "certification" to the plaintiffs, a major hurdle in a class action that usually results in the defendant offering a settlement. In his decision, Mr. Justice Maurice Cullity was quick to dismiss as [full story]
Sep 30, 2007all regulatory bodies are indirectly or directly created by the industry and solely exist to foist unsafe products procedures etc on the unsuspecting public.
Wow this is truly a refreshing event. It is really sad that this sort of thing can even happen. Like so many regulations and procedures* this is yet another clear example of abuse of authority whereby illegal activity is made legal to serve the abusers. In my opinion just reversing a wrong does not make it right - what about just compensation equivalent that really damages Monsanto - as was done to those innocents who lost much more than their lively hoods? Also those unethical jugdes that allow this to continue should also be be included in any settlements.... *"...all regulatory bodies are indirectly or directly created by the industry and solely exist to foist unsafe products procedures etc on the unsuspecting public. Their prime function is to act as shield for the industry, in the event something goes wrong, then all the industry has to do is state that it is not their fault as the purported poisons etc. have been approved by the government (aka FDA, HC, TGA and now Codex etc.), thus getting them off the hook." [full story]
Sep 26, 2007An example of a Government Agency Protecting Sugar, Aspartame and Splenda interests:
An example of a Government Agency Protecting Sugar, Aspartame and Splenda interests: US FDA attacks the herbal no calorie sweetener Stevia. Where was MSNBC and the rest of the research challenged media when U.S. FDA agents in Texas attempted to burn a warehouse full of books about Stevia?Celestial Seasonings herbal teas containing Stevia are on supermarket and natural food store shelves in Canada and have been for several years. Is action by Health Canada next? Remember to ask HC's boss federal health minister Tony Clements: "Where are the bodies?" - CW [full story]
Sep 23, 2007the US Veterans Administration (VA), which treats many American veterans, has been deliberately withholding cancer incidence data
From: Gotemf@aol.comTo: undisclosed-recipients:;Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2007 12:31:20 EDTSubject: Fwd: cancer statistics witheld    </HTML>---------- Forwarded message ----------From: "Martin Weatherall" <>To: "W.E.E.P. Information E-mail" <>Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2007 22:55:51 -0400Subject: U.S - cancer statistics witheld   From: Iris Atzmon   THE HEIGHT OF ABSURDITY The next time you read a news story about how cancer is decreasingly a problem in the US, think again. California officials have revealed that the US Veterans Administration (VA), which treats many American veterans, has been deliberately withholding cancer incidence data from state cancer registries across the country. This has resulted in up to 70,000 newly diagnosed cancer cases per year - about 5 percent of the national total - going unrecorded in the past few years. An internal report from the California cancer surveillance agency reveals that the VA stopped reporting cancer cases to state registries in late 2004. As a consequence of this policy, "statewide and national data will be incomplete and inaccurate," says Kurt Snipes of the Cancer Surveillance Branch of the California Department of Health Services in Sacramento. [full story]
Sep 16, 2007Health Canada approval rules called 'insanity'
Cancer scans snarled in red tape Health Canada approval rules called 'insanity' Michelle Lang, Calgary HeraldPublished: Monday, August 27, 2007 This fall, the Alberta Cancer Board hopes Ottawa will approve a substance it produces for use in cancer images known as PET scans, a move that could allow hundreds of additional patients to undergo the important diagnostic technique annually. But the process of applying for Health Canada's approval of the product -- fluorodeoxyglucose, or FDG -- has been described as a case of bureaucratic "insanity," requiring years of research, $2 million in costs and a 12-binder submission to government. [full story]

Evildoers controlling our government!
If you believe there is to many evildoers controlling our government corporations today, please support our new party and our two candidates in the current Ontario provincial election.

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