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Operated by the Republican Party of Ontario (RPO). RPO is a grassroots based organization that is committed to the ownership and operation of all STATE / CROWN sole and aggregate corporations directly by the sovereign common men and women of our local communities.

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They are calling on Stephen Harper to make good on his earlier promise
Gag me!   Put the SPP to a vote, say prominent Canadians OTTAWA, Oct. 12 /CNW Telbec/ - Maude Barlow, David [full story]
Oct 13, 2007
A few public catch phrases; some prayer breakfasts; a few references to Jesus; some personal meetings; and a few phone calls or personal meetings with big-name evangelicals was all it took to beguile the vast majority of professing believers.
Can a Christian Pray to Allah? By Pastor Chuck Baldwin   10-9-7   George W. Bush was twice elected President of the United States with great assistance [full story]
Oct 9, 2007
720 Promises By the Four Main Ontario Parties But No Guarantee Offered By Any Party Leader and No Pledges to Pass "Honesty-in-Politics" Law
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday, October 9, 2007 [full story]
Oct 9, 2007
A factual summarised accounting on how Ontario's MMP referendum proposal is worse than the dysfunctional* fptp status quo
 ----- Forwarded message from Eduard Hiebert np <> ---- Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2007 13:11:01 -0500 From: Eduard Hiebert np <> Reply-To: [full story]
Oct 9, 2007
If the Truth is known, the only Government we have in Australia is the People....and we govern by way of the unanimous Judgments of Juries
Dear David B,   The Australian Constitution only has the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland as doing any governing, ie: the Queen appointing a Governor-General who [full story]
Oct 9, 2007
Federally the Prime Minister appoints over 5,000 people, including the Governor General, Cabinet Ministers, Senators, Heads of Agencies Boards and Commissions, and Supreme Court judges.
 ONTARIO ELECTION 2007      Straight thoughts 159 By Giuseppe Gori Leader Family Coalition Party of Ontario     ----- Original Message ----- From: [full story]
Oct 9, 2007
"The Greatest Fraud of all time is that Banks create money for themselves 'out of thin air' and inject it into the economy as loans
Dear Jim,   A couple of years ago I had business cards printed up with "BANKS AND JUDGES; Email: ; " on one side and "The Greatest Fraud of all [full story]
Oct 8, 2007
8 more deaths connected to HPV vaccine Adverse reactions from Gardasil number in thousands
"Judicial Watch.... filed a lawsuit this week against the FDA for failing to fully respond to its requests for information involving the vaccine."8 more deaths connected to HPV vaccine Adverse [full story]
Oct 8, 2007
The video says that the Churches will use Romans 13 to help the Despots subjugate the People. ...but what does Romans 13 really say?
Dear Australian Citizens Community Forums,   The video says that the Churches will use Romans 13 to help the Despots subjugate the People. ...but what does Romans 13 really say?   Here [full story]
Oct 8, 2007
Their maxim is “boni judicis est ampliare jurisdictionem,” and their power the more dangerous as they are in office for life, and not responsible, as the other functionaries are, to the elective control.
----- Original Message ----- From: BSM Condell To: 'John Wilson' ; 'Joseph McNicholl' Cc: ; Sent: Monday, October 08, 2007 8:11 [full story]
Oct 8, 2007

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PharmaCartel & its sins
Oct 3, 2007New York State and City Sue Merck Over Vioxx
September 18, 2007 New York State and City Sue Merck Over Vioxx By SARAH KERSHAW Seeking to recoup tens of millions spent by government-financed health programs on prescriptions for Vioxx, New York State and New York City joined yesterday in filing a lawsuit against Merck, the drug's maker, which withdrew the painkiller from the market in 2004 because of dangerous side effects. The lawsuit, filed yesterday in State Supreme Court in Manhattan, accuses Merck & Company of intentionally concealing the dangers of Vioxx, and therefore defrauding the state Medicaid program, which paid for the prescriptions. The drug was used to treat arthritis and migraines but led to a high risk of heart attacks and strokes. Several other states have filed similar lawsuits against Merck — more than 25,000 suits have been brought so far — seeking reimbursement for taxpayer dollars spent on purchasing Vioxx and on treating patients for its side effects. The suits have focused on drug pricing and safety, involving both consumer and Medicaid fraud. [full story]
Oct 3, 2007Are Cancer Cures Being Hidden From the Public?
Are Cancer Cures Being Hidden From the Public? by Bill Sardiby Bill Sardi According to a 2005 poll reported by the American Cancer Society, 27% of Americans agree with the statement: "There is currently a cure for cancer but the medical industry won't tell the public." Another 14 percent are uncertain. Denials from cancer authorities were swift after release of the poll results. The search for alternative cures for cancer wouldn't be necessary except that modern medicine has no effective treatments for this frightful disease more than 30 years after the war on cancer was launched. A recent study shows chemotherapy only contributes to the 5-year survival of 2.3% of cancer cases. Another recent study shows cancer treatments reduce the size of tumors but spawn the development of cancer stem cells that counters the effect of treatment. On the day a person is diagnosed with cancer, 50% of cases have already spread beyond their site of origin, which is called metastasis, the mortal form of the disease. There is no effective treatment for metastasis. Furthermore, of the remaining 50% of cases, 70–90% of these are solid tumors, mostly of the breast, prostate, lung or colon, that chemo and radiation cannot penetrate. Inevitably tumor resistance sets in, which renders chemotherapy useless and leaves the patient with a weakened immune system. So cancer patients had better start a search for alternative therapies soon after diagnosis. [full story]
Oct 1, 2007Pfizer used Children as Guinea pigs.Deaths.
first known instance of a Third World country going after a pharmaceutical multinational Pfizer used Children as Guinea pigs.Deaths.   Drugs giant faces criminal charges over clinical trial By Andrew Gumbel in Los Angeles Published: 31 May 2007 The US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has been slapped with criminal charges in Nigeria over a notorious clinical trial it conducted on children during a meningitis epidemic a decade ago. Patients became unwitting guinea pigs for a new, untested antibiotic and many of them either died or were left with permanent disabilities. Pfizer and its representatives will be called to account at hearings due to begin next month in the Nigerian state of Kano, where public anger over the clinical trial - and the assurances of any pharmaceutical company - remains so high that the local population won't even trust the Nigerian government to immunise their children against polio. [full story]
Sep 29, 2007Drug companies control or shape multiple steps in the research, analysis, writing, and publication of a large proportion of the medical literature, and they do so behind the scenes, according to a policy paper recently published in PLoS Medicine.
Date: Sep 28, 2007 7:34 AMSubject: Drug companies ghost write medical literatureTo: Source: Public Library of Science Date: September 28, 2007   Influence Of Drug Companies On Medical Literature Science Daily — Drug companies control or shape multiple steps in the research, analysis, writing, and publication of a large proportion of the medical literature, and they do so behind the scenes, according to a policy paper recently published in PLoS Medicine. The paper's author, Sergio Sismondo (Queen's University, Kingston, Canada), who is an expert in the philosophy of science, calls this phenomenon "ghost management." Such articles are "ghostly" says Dr Sismondo, "because signs of their actual production are largely invisible--academic authors whose names appear at the tops of ghost-managed articles give corporate research a veneer of independence and credibility." Drug companies hire medical education and communication companies (MECCs) to help produce and place company-funded articles in medical journals, says Dr Sismondo. These articles are "managed," he says, because those MECCs "shape the eventual message conveyed by the article or by a suite of articles." Dr Sismondo looks at one specific example--the published medical literature on the antidepressant drug sertraline. [full story]
Sep 26, 2007The EU is the political and police arm of the international Drug Cartels - both licit and illicit.
From Croft Woodruff to all: "In the battle of the right of people everywhere to have unimpeded access to dietary supplements kindly note: If any one thinks the European Union is an all 'peaches & cream' democracy....they have another think coming. The EU is the political and police arm of the international Drug Cartels - both licit and illicit. I firmly believe Canada and the United States have traveled too far down the road when it comes to these fraudulent free trade deals.  Please enlighten yourselves with the the following information....." In February 1973, Stanley Adams blew the whistle on illicit trading practices of the giant multinational drug company Hoffmann-La Roche, the world's largest vitamin suppliers and makers of the widely prescribed tranquillizers Valium and Librium. It was an act of conscience, deeply considered, which was to have the unthinkable consequences recorded in this book. Adams had recently been promoted to the position of World Product Manager in Basle, Switzerland, where he had moved into a comfortable new house with his wife and three daughters, owned a Jaguar car and commanded a handsome salary. But from his new position he became aware of business practices which increasingly alarmed him: a policy of price fixing and market sharing with Roche's competitors and an oppressive control of the world-wide vitamin market. [full story]
Sep 26, 2007Modern medical-industrial complex's dire descent into utter corruption
---------- Forwarded message ----------From: Free-Thinkers Club <>Date: Sep 26, 2007 12:40 AM Subject: Films on Sat, October 13th (topics: AIDS HOAX and NAU/SPP)To: FTC <>Mark your calendar...Matinee-Show:HIV = AIDS, FACT OR FRAUD? * Modern medical-industrial complex's diredescent into utter corruption. A shocking documentary that exposes thisdeceptive & deadly scam. Screening and discussion of Stephen Allen's film on Saturday, October 13th, 1:15-5pm, SPEC Hall (2150 Maple St), Tix $12. FOR THE NORTH AMERICAN UNION * Canada, US & Mexico merged ...most remain unaware. There are significant events taking place & theplans are clear, yet the media fails to inform the public. Learn all aboutthe NAU & how that affects you! Screening and discussion of a film by Static Inertia Media on Saturday, October 13th, 7:15-11pm, SPEC Hall (2150 MapleSt), Tix $12. Info: [full story]
Sep 11, 2007drug companies are devoting large sums of money to many members of state advisory panels
Drug companies buy support...A Minnesota disclosure law has revealed that drug companies are devoting large sums of money to many members of state advisory panels who make decisions on which drugs will be used in Medicaid programs.The Minnesota Medicaid Drug Formulary Committee is considering a conflict-of-interest policy that requires panel members to disclose such financial relationships and refrain from voting on drugs that may pose a conflict of interest.Without such disclosure laws -- which exist only in three states, Minnesota, Vermont, and Maine -- there's no way to know whether financial ties between the drug industry and state advisers exist. [full story]

Evildoers controlling our government!
If you believe there is to many evildoers controlling our government corporations today, please support our new party and our two candidates in the current Ontario provincial election.

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