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Operated by the Republican Party of Ontario (RPO). RPO is a grassroots based organization that is committed to the ownership and operation of all STATE / CROWN sole and aggregate corporations directly by the sovereign common men and women of our local communities.

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They are calling on Stephen Harper to make good on his earlier promise
Gag me!   Put the SPP to a vote, say prominent Canadians OTTAWA, Oct. 12 /CNW Telbec/ - Maude Barlow, David [full story]
Oct 13, 2007
A few public catch phrases; some prayer breakfasts; a few references to Jesus; some personal meetings; and a few phone calls or personal meetings with big-name evangelicals was all it took to beguile the vast majority of professing believers.
Can a Christian Pray to Allah? By Pastor Chuck Baldwin   10-9-7   George W. Bush was twice elected President of the United States with great assistance [full story]
Oct 9, 2007
720 Promises By the Four Main Ontario Parties But No Guarantee Offered By Any Party Leader and No Pledges to Pass "Honesty-in-Politics" Law
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday, October 9, 2007 [full story]
Oct 9, 2007
A factual summarised accounting on how Ontario's MMP referendum proposal is worse than the dysfunctional* fptp status quo
 ----- Forwarded message from Eduard Hiebert np <> ---- Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2007 13:11:01 -0500 From: Eduard Hiebert np <> Reply-To: [full story]
Oct 9, 2007
If the Truth is known, the only Government we have in Australia is the People....and we govern by way of the unanimous Judgments of Juries
Dear David B,   The Australian Constitution only has the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland as doing any governing, ie: the Queen appointing a Governor-General who [full story]
Oct 9, 2007
Federally the Prime Minister appoints over 5,000 people, including the Governor General, Cabinet Ministers, Senators, Heads of Agencies Boards and Commissions, and Supreme Court judges.
 ONTARIO ELECTION 2007      Straight thoughts 159 By Giuseppe Gori Leader Family Coalition Party of Ontario     ----- Original Message ----- From: [full story]
Oct 9, 2007
"The Greatest Fraud of all time is that Banks create money for themselves 'out of thin air' and inject it into the economy as loans
Dear Jim,   A couple of years ago I had business cards printed up with "BANKS AND JUDGES; Email: ; " on one side and "The Greatest Fraud of all [full story]
Oct 8, 2007
8 more deaths connected to HPV vaccine Adverse reactions from Gardasil number in thousands
"Judicial Watch.... filed a lawsuit this week against the FDA for failing to fully respond to its requests for information involving the vaccine."8 more deaths connected to HPV vaccine Adverse [full story]
Oct 8, 2007
The video says that the Churches will use Romans 13 to help the Despots subjugate the People. ...but what does Romans 13 really say?
Dear Australian Citizens Community Forums,   The video says that the Churches will use Romans 13 to help the Despots subjugate the People. ...but what does Romans 13 really say?   Here [full story]
Oct 8, 2007
Their maxim is “boni judicis est ampliare jurisdictionem,” and their power the more dangerous as they are in office for life, and not responsible, as the other functionaries are, to the elective control.
----- Original Message ----- From: BSM Condell To: 'John Wilson' ; 'Joseph McNicholl' Cc: ; Sent: Monday, October 08, 2007 8:11 [full story]
Oct 8, 2007

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Legal Actions Concerning your Rights
Sep 30, 2007in light of the Supreme Court of B.C. Rule # 19.10, the Attorney General and these courts are violating Human Rights everyday of the week.
Hi everyone, from David Butterfield September 20th & 21st - 9:30 a.m. "REGINA V. JOHN KRIST" A Huge case in the Supreme Court of B.C. 651 Carnarvon Street New Westminster This case is about a man attempting to realize his Human Rights, as enshrined in International Laws and, in particular, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, ratified by "Canada" in August 1976. The Attorney General of Canada/Prosecutor and the Judges and Justices of the Courts are totally ignorant of the obligations accepted by "Canada" through its ratification of these international instruments. In other words, and especially in light of the Supreme Court of B.C. Rule # 19.10, the Attorney General and these courts are violating Human Rights everyday of the week. They have continued to deny him his Rights through more than a year in each the Provincial and now Supreme Courts. They have actually forced this man to make an informal Application to the Court to be allowed to exercise his Human Rights, can you believe it. Of course you can. [full story]
Sep 24, 2007New York Sues Merck Over Vioxx
But Big Pharma friendly politicians and bureaucrats will buy into Merck's lies that their Gardasil HPV vaccine is "safe!" New York Sues Merck Over Vioxx State and City Bring Suit,Seek Restitution of FundsSpent Through Medicaid By HEATHER WON TESORIERO September 18, 2007; Page D7 New York state and New York City have jointly sued Merck & Co. for allegedly concealing safety information about Vioxx, joining a half-dozen states that have sued the drug maker since it withdrew the painkiller three years ago amid concerns about dangerous side effects. [full story]
Sep 16, 2007Culture clash over monkey meat ends up in court
Culture clash over monkey meat ends up in court by FRANK DONNELLY Sunday September 16, 2007, 7:42 AM STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- Monkeys are sacred to a Liberian native who emigrated to West Brighton more than two decades ago. Mamie Manneh and members of her church say eating primate parts -- known as bushmeat -- conforms with their religious beliefs and imbues them with the cunning and agile animal's spiritual power while also helping them "get closer to God." Federal prosecutors look at it another way. They contend Ms. Manneh, 39, broke federal law and an international wildlife treaty by illegally importing 65 pieces of smoked bushmeat, including primate parts, into the country early last year. The protected wildlife parts carry the risk of "numerous" infectious diseases including tuberculosis and Ebola, prosecutors allege. The clash of cultures -- and the potentially precedent-setting case -- continues to play out in Brooklyn federal court almost two years later with a pretrial hearing on motions to dismiss scheduled for Thursday. The case is so hotly contested that both sides have enlisted a small posse of experts and together are expected to spend tens of thousands of dollars before a resolution is reached. Ms. Manneh, who also is known as Mamie Jefferson, could face up to five years in a federal penitentiary if convicted of smuggling. But one of her lawyers says the outcome of the case -- seen by the defense as a battle over a protected religious freedom -- will affect many more people than her client. "This case represents a unique opportunity to affect the behavior of thousands of African bushmeat users in the United States by reasonably and fairly approaching this one," said Jan A. Rostal, an attorney for Ms. Manneh said in a May letter to the court. "It has never been Ms. Manneh's intention to make this case such a public and consuming venture," wrote the lawyer. "[However], we have no reservations about the sincerity of Ms. Manneh's religious beliefs and are moved by the fact that her shipment was hardly 'smuggled' at all, but rather marked as 'foodstuuf' [sic] and accompanied by forms filed with the ... USDA, ( U.S. Department of Agriculture) inviting inspection." The case appears to have such significant implications that the Manhattan-based white-shoe law firm of Milbank, Tweed, Hadley and McCloy is offering Ms. Manneh pro bono assistance. The case dates back to January 2006, when federal agents at JFK International Airport allegedly discovered several dozen pieces of illegal smoked bushmeat in a shipment to Ms. Manneh from Guinea, a West African country. The contraband-- including monkey skulls, limbs and torsos, along with antelope parts -- was buried beneath smoked fish. Agents later found 33 pieces of dried, smoked bushmeat in the garage of Ms. Manneh's Bement Avenue home. The primate parts comprised green monkey and hamadryas baboon -- animals protected under the Convention on International Trade in the Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora ( C.I.T.E.S.), an international treaty among more than 170 countries. [full story]

Evildoers controlling our government!
If you believe there is to many evildoers controlling our government corporations today, please support our new party and our two candidates in the current Ontario provincial election.

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